Wk 3-4 : MTA Workshop

We had the opportunity to participate in a Blind/Low-Vision Accessibility workshop to see the solutions they are considering. There was a lot of excitement around tactile floors, image tracking apps, and well-articulated text maps on their website.

Wk 2 – 3: User Interviews

We met with six blind commuters this week to go ask them about their experiences, challenges, and hopes for the NYC subway system. Here is our user interview template questions: Google Doc User Interview Template For privacy reasons, we won't show the photos and transcripts of the interview on this blog.  

Wk 1: Our Roadmap

Week 1: Establish roadmap Organize initial user research from subway trip with Antonio. Antonio connects with personal connections; conduct more preliminary interviews and record interactions on the train. Antonio emails National Federation for the Blind and the American Council of the Blind Develop a prototype script. (Transcribe video from 2/5/2019) --- Week 2: Create consistent… Continue reading Wk 1: Our Roadmap