Wk 5: Designing in Proto.io

The white boarding session was translated into a clickable and navigable protoype, using Proto.io. The reason we chose to design in Proto.io is because of how accessible this platform is. The iOs voice over works relatively well with the Proto.io web-based prototype.

Below are some screenshots of version 1 of the Proto.io designs. This was before sharing with the full Access to Places team.


Screenshot 2019-03-26 22.55.34Screenshot 2019-03-26 22.55.25

Feedback from the team to be implemented for Version 2 Prototype. Version 2 is the one that we will have the users test:

  • More verbose: change to “Downtown R, N Platform”  
  • Wordier entrance exit description: “ The Broadway and 8th entrance to this station leads to the middle of the downtown RW platform”
  • make services a widget in platform list: another thing, i think the “services” button on the platform list (for downtown of 8th street) should be a widget like it is for the staion (i.e. heading that says Services that immediately has the information below it in the tree that is skippable with a right swipe if the rider doesn’t care). i also think it should change title from generally “services” to “service changes for downtown R W”.
  • add train arrival times
  • Have the ‘buttons’ extend to the full width of the screen
  • Put search bear in both lines and stations
  • Back button (reverse order in proto.io end)
  • Remove time bar at top
  • Created page for 8th St Entrance (both downtown and uptown)  (missing in v1)
  • Created page for 8th St Exit (both downtown and uptown) (missing in v1)
  • Created page for 8th St Arrival times (both downtown and uptown) (missing in v1)