Wk 2: Purpose, Problems, Proposal, Steps

Presentation:  022719_Access to Places – Design Expo Week 2 Presentation

  • Purpose
    • The goal of our project is to make NYC subway stations more navigable for individuals who are blind.
    • Why is this necessary?
      • A problem with the New York subway station is its reliance on visuals for information. This dependence is a barrier for those who are blind to access information regarding platform locations, routes, safety signage, entrance and exit locations.

  • Problems
    • Problem #1: Subway lacks accessible signage.Metro Station with Lines A, C, B, D, 1 visual sign
    • Problem #2: Station layouts are widely varied.

    • Problem #3: Reliance on help from others means lack of independence.Crowded metro station

  • Who are we designing with?
    • The people we are designing with share the qualities of being: a.) blind, b.) independent, c.) has access to information and technology, d.) employed or seeking employment, e.) are mobile, f.) owns a smartphone

  • What do we propose?
    • We would like to make the information that is readily available to sighted travelers accessible to others, as well as create ways to make the physical topography of stations more legible.
      022719_Access to Places - Design Expo Week 2 Presentation (1)
    • A mobile app that works in conjunction with sensors placed in the subway stations to textually and verbally communicate directions, safety, exit and entrance information.
      a rough graphic placeholder mockup of theoretical app
    • A tactile surface that provides a form of navigation.
      different yellow tactile surface patterns